Photos of Different Ants

web-antAnts are observed all around the globe, from the greatest deserts. They can be found by us in our houses, in our backyards, as well as in our workplaces. Ants live in colonies as well as one colony could have over a million ants. There are many distinct kinds of ants. A few of the varieties that are better known will be bulldog ants, and the army ants, driver ants, honeypot ants, weaver ants, leafcutter ants, fire ants, silver ants. All ant colonies are constituted of three kinds of the soldier ants, specifically the worker ants, ants, along with the only queen ant.

The behaviour of ants may differ based on their kind. The size of ants vary from two to 25 millimeters as well as their colour can vary from reddish to black or brown.

Ants which make their nests in trees by attaching leaves together are known as weaver ants. The leaves are first pulled by these creatures together using a bridge and the leaves are sewn by them together by pressing silk creating larvae.

Leafcutter ants feed entirely on fungus and reside just in their colony. These ants come in distinct castes that are sized to perform various functions that must be performed in the colony. Another unique kind is the fire ant. These ants have a sac of toxin which is filled with piperidine alkaloids. The Australian bulldog ants are such with only one chromosome and these are amongst the most archaic and greatest types of ants.

not_fire_ant_frontlineArmy ants and driver ants are highly developed ants. Army ants are located in South America and driver ants are located in Africa. Contrary to other ants, these don’t have permanent nests. These colonies reproduce by two processes – nuptial flights or fission.

Honeypot ants typically have enlarged abdomens. Honeypot often live in hot, dry areas like Australia, Africa, North America and they are sometimes present in deserts at the same time. These ants can also be considered an excellent delicacy.

Ants are among the very most familiar creatures on earth and are of various sorts. Despite their modest size, they may present a danger to people along with creatures.